Lynn Thompson grew up in Ontario in Canada, with schooling launched from an Agincourt farmhouse until her family moved to Ottawa. After high school, she graduated from McMaster in Hamilton, Ontario (BA in Philosophy and English). Then it was time to travel by train across Canada to British Columbia with several stops along the way leading into many years based mainly on Vancouver Island, growing as a writer, photographer, postal courier, and radio host. After thirty-four years that included a few appearances on Kauai, Lynn finally drove back to her roots in Ottawa. Now in Newmarket (north of Toronto) since 2018, Lynn is happily weaving together numerous projects in a wide range of creative collaborations. Life is good.


A creative writer and photographer, Lynn is an insightful, enthusiastic editor, proofreader, and envisioning strategist for authors and literary projects. In addition, Lynn hosts intriguing guests on her podcast, Living on Purpose, with detailed attention by ear for audio projects. Lynn is a Zoom moderator and host. Always more to learn! Send an email to Lynn to arrange your free project review >

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Lynn enhances the essence of expression and maintains the author's voice, from sample editing and discussion to final proofreading before publication.

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Living on Purpose listeners and guests are talking

I was driving home in my car, scanning through radio channels when I heard Lynn’s engaging voice interviewing someone who had written a book. The conversation flowed so nicely, and I could feel how genuine Lynn was through the radio. After that day, I tuned in to listen every time she was on the radio. Her guests were so interesting, and I would listen to hear Lynn's next question.

You presented a warm and inviting platform that enabled me to provide our listeners with useful information. And, you read my book before my appearance so that your questions and prompts were articulate and intelligent.

Your sincere and respective attitude made my job as a guest simple. You prepared me in advance for all I needed to know. Thanks for your brilliant edit of the show.

Your questions were probing and interesting, your sty​le warm and engaging. You are living proof that you don’t need to go for the jugular to find the pulse.—Dr. Laura, syndicated radio host

You, Lynn, asked pertinent questions, exercised humor, and intelligence so my work and book were relevant to your listeners.


Northern Naturals Herbal Salve is a valued element of my health when I met Sie and Wayne Padgett in the Bella Coola Valley in British Columbia Canada in 1986. We are still friends.

Sie Padgett photo

Newmarket Ontario Canada

lynn at livingonpurposecommunications.com