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Podcasts and Audio Ideas

Ready to share inspiration as a guest?

Lynn has contributed episodes of Living on Purpose on podcast channels since 2007 overlapping with the weekly "live" radio show from 2004 to 2009.

The show-twin of Living on Purpose on Podbean is The On Purpose Podcast.

Inspiring, fun, intriguing. Purposeful! Recent podcasts for your ears, Dr. Julie Ponesse, and futurist Dr. Tomorrow and Roger Nelson of the Global Conscious Project, and 100 quotes from the movie, The Secret.

Creative Envisioning and Photography

Please send a message to learn more.

Write, talk, learn through discussion in a small group with themes; tips for creating a podcast, collaborating with a compatible editor, or making real those final arrangements!

And while still here, portrait photography, documentation, and photocards and photo books.

Sandy Levey-Lunden, author of I Just Want Peace about Lynn Thompson, Professional Editor on Team

I am grateful for Lynn Thompson, my professional editor; I value your writing and editing skills, flexibility in moving the book forward on all levels, and patience in helping me stay focused. Your acceptance of our team is invaluable for our collaboration. You are meticulous and a pleasure to work with, and I am delighted by your quick wit, organization, and insight. Mutual connections brought us together again twelve years after you organized and attended my trainings in Canada. Your knowledge of The Power of Clearing process was so helpful in editing my book.


I Just Want Peace  is a #1 International Bestseller.

Interview of Sandy with Becky Norwood of Spotlight Publishing on Launch Day, Wednesday, July 27.  

For anyone wondering what it’s like to work with Lynn Thompson as an editor, writer, and collaborator, here are unsolicited, spontaneous testimonials from three of the numerous people on my team involved with preparing my book for publication.

—Sandy Levey-Lunden

Lynn, you were an absolute JOY to work with!!!! You show infinite patience and presence making me feel seen, heard, and valued! You have cultivated so much focus, but are always game to have fun! You are a super talented writer and diligent and detailed editor. Your awareness is unrivaled, yet you are unruffled. The way you honoured Sandy’s legacy and embraced every new person added to the team was phenomenal! Collaborating with you was a dream, we were so attuned, even over Zoom, it was like our minds merged in purpose and play-fullness! Knowing you is a true and beautiful Blessing! Brae! It’s so incredible what can be accomplished when a set of stellar communicators are led by a star like YOU, Lynn Thompson!!!!

—Kristi Birnie

A great tribute to you, Lynn. I concur with Kristi on how much infinite patience, presence, and passion you had for this book project throughout and how I felt seen and heard, grateful to learn some of the ins and outs of editing. I feel like a beginner’s mind in so many ways. Such attention to detail and making everything appear to be seamless, more fun, and just more than the sum of its parts that you tracked so well. It was a meaningful creative process that I secretly never wanted to end. But then we’d be denying the world of a great legacy book and to give Peace a better chance.

Congratulations, Sandy and Team Peace!

—Christina Ireland

I concur with everything Kristi said. You have shown infinite patience, Lynn, with all of us throwing in different edits, you have welcomed each and every one of us and responded with kindness.

You are an awesome editor and have been a profound help to Sandy and her legacy book.

Well done and thank you!

—Sue Reynard

Successful Projects

“As a first-time author, the task of editing my novel was intimidating. Thanks to Lynn Thompson, it was a joyful and rewarding experience. Lynn is conscientious, incredibly organized, flexible, thorough, and professional. I feel very fortunate to have found someone who provided the exact help I needed and was also a kind, respectful, supportive partner in the process. My novel is definitely better because of Lynn’s contributions.” (2020)

Kathryn Goodwin Tone, author, The King’s Broad Arrow

Crystal Cregge, illustrator.

> Finalist, 2020 Eric Hoffer Excellence in Independent Publishing Awards

> Winner, Juvenile Fiction, 2020 National Indie Excellence Awards

> Finalist, 2022 Young Adult Virginia Author Award

Audio Assignments

“Lynn is a fantastic written word and spoken word editor! She has an exquisite ear and ability to smooth out gnarly audio issues, creating a smooth sound experience. Her astute attention to details helps our recordings shine.” With thanks, Allyson Woodrooffe―The Embodied Present Process (TEPP) co-founder with Philip Shepherd

With her podcast, Living on Purpose, Lynn Thompson interviews guests with a style that is engaging and intuitive. Through a balance of sincerity and humour, Lynn is often helping her guests gain insights into their work!” With thanks, Jamie Thompson―Artistic Director, Urban Flute Project, Creative Collaborator with Musicians, Artists

More Cheers

Appreciative Podcast Guest, 2006, 2022: “After many years of doing radio interviews, it’s a special pleasure to visit with Lynn Thompson on her Living on Purpose show. Clearly well-prepared and familiar with my work, Lynn anticipates and asks the perfect questions to bring out the best in a guest. The Living on Purpose program is the perfect platform to address life’s important issues.” ~ Dan Millman, Dan was our featured guest on Living on Purpose, on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

First-time author: “Lynn Thompson has been an absolute pleasure to work with in preparation for publishing my first book, Slave No More with Morgan James Publishing. Her editing expertise, organization, patience as I've grown as a writer, and always considering what was best for me as an author has made my process run smoothly. Her guidance throughout my process has been invaluable, and she has helped make my book even better. Lynn has been more than an editor. She has been a consultant and friend throughout my process. I highly recommend Lynn for any editing project!” (2021) Paul A. Henderson

Derian Tuitt

Derian is a Certified Expert Speaker, Real Estate Investor, and Certified Professional Accountant. He will leave you inspired, energized and feeling unstoppable so that you, too, may live a life of passion, purpose and freedom. Derian enjoys doing fun activities with Ms. Nadia, his lovely granddaughter.

Appreciation for his book editor and friend, Lynn Thompson: “Lynn transforms your literary work from good to great. She is extremely organized and professional, a pleasure!” 

Derian Tuitt, Life Success Hacks: How to Use Simple Action to Achieve Anything You Imagine

(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Majeed "Like Magic" Mogharreban

“My deepest gratitude to Lynn Thompson who turned my day of training into a book. We call it Bookifying. Lynn is an extraordinary editor who is positive and supportive!”

Majeed Mogharreban author of Expert Speaker: 5 Steps to Grow Your Business with Public Speaking

(Gatineau, QC, Canada)

Bill Farr

“Lynn is an engaged, meticulous editor who is supportive, clear, adaptable, and collaborative, from changing a word to moving a paragraph to offering a complete rewrite of a section, and asking for clarification of a point. I highly recommend her!” Bill Farr, author, wellness coach and instructor in meditation―The Art of Unity (New York)

Joe Frisinger

“I was blessed in having Lynn Thompson create a book of my life story for my family and friends to read and to live on after me. This is a dream come true for me. I both commend her and recommend her for helping others.” Joe Frisinger, A Perfect Love and a Blessed Life (Kauai, Hawaii)

Junie Swadron

“I completely recommend Lynn Thompson for her editing expertise. She has a fine eye for detail and blew me away by the number of edits that she did in order to bring my book from one I was happy with to one I am so proud of, published by Morgan James Publishing. Beyond her exceptional knowledge and application of what is needed, Lynn is an absolute delight to work with. From the beginning, I felt safe to hand over my ‘baby’ to her. She was respectful, professional, and always asked me about significant changes before making them. Thank you, Lynn.”

Junie Swadron―Your Life Matters, 8 Simple Steps to Writing Your Story

My hero, my saving grace, in this project was Lynn Thompson, my editor. I reached out to Lynn with my manuscript for a quick turnaround for the publisher, yet she took on this project and dove all in. She worked tirelessly and helped to create nothing short of a miracle. I am genuinely grateful to have found a kindred soul who is truly as passionate about my project as I am. Brenda Kilhoffer—Hope Rising (Arizona USA, October 2021)

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